A Brief History of How Dogs Became Human’s Friend

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A Brief History of How Dogs Became Human’s Friend

You may wonder how the dog went from a humble carnivore to human's best friend? 

Ancient humans made dogs their best friend not once but twice, by domesticating two separate populations of wolves thousands of miles apart in Europe and Asia.




That is the conclusion of scientists who used modern genetics to unravel canine evolutionary history, revealing a deep internal split between dogs from opposite ends of the Eurasian continent.
The data suggest that dogs were domesticated twice, on both sides of the old world.
This suggests that at least two groups of humans independently came to the same conclusion: dogs can be domesticated. It also indicates that the process of domestication, while mostly rare, may be replicated more often than we think.

At some point in prehistory, they believed the eastern dogs dispersed with human migrants and replaced most of the western ones, so Asian ancestry is now dominant in modern dogs.
Although it is possible there was only one domestication event in Asia, followed by early transportation to Europe, the research team argues the lack of archaeological evidence for dogs in the middle of the continent makes this very unlikely.



By virtue of their unique wisdom, human beings unconsciously turn this species, which advocates independence and freedom by nature, into their loyal friends. For many people, there seems to be nothing more loyal to them than a dog.


Loyal dogs will do anything for a bone or even unconditionally for a human being. So today, humans have a variety of uses for dogs, such as hunting dogs, guard dogs, guide dogs, rescue dogs, and so on. And more common is pet dog . They are very cute, and know how to win the heart of the owner.