Dog Eye Health Care

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Dog Eye Health Care

There is no doubt that the eyes are the most precious and complex organs. They enable dogs to see the world. So eye protection is particularly important. Knowing common eye problems and the most frequent signs and symptoms is vital for identifying any eye issues early on so that their eyes always keep clean and healthy.

Common problems with dogs' eye

Conjunctivitis or Glaucoma

Red swollen eyes are a sign of eye disease. The dog's eyes shed tears and always blink, eyelashes stimulate the eye for a long time.

Dry eye

Dogs blink a lot and scratch their eyes with their forelimbs. The eyes are tarnished and surrounded by small and hard eye excrement. In addition, the eyeball becomes cloudy and dry.


Especially the senior dog, if there is a white cloud in your dog's eyes, it's probably a cataract, and your dog's vision will gradually deteriorate.

Therefore,In order to avoid the above issues, it is better to take time cleaning work for the dog’s eye care regardless of winter or summer, in order to maintain the health of the dog's eyes.

How to take care of your dog's eyes?

Health maintenance check

Regularly check your dog’s eyes for any changes or signs of irritation and inquire to the vet timely.

Eyes clean

Use a wet cotton ball to remove dirt around your dog's eyes and directly 1-2 drops for eye drops. In addition, eye massages are a great way to improve blood circulation and keep the nasolacrimal ducts smooth.

Prevent eye injury

In order to avoid strong sunlight to the eyes, the hair around the eyes should be kept or trimmed slightly. It should not be left too short. In addition, dog toenails should be cut and sharpened frequently to prevent self-injury to the eyeball.  

Therefore,The eyes are the window to the soul and the world. The eyes are very important for people and the same for the dog. Prevention is the best medicine and daily health care plays a vitally important role.