How to Read your Dog's Silent Language ?

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How to Read your Dog's Silent Language ?

Although a dog cannot talk, it can show its feelings and wishes through its actions, and posture is a form of silent language - body language. A good owner should be able to understand this language properly in order to raise and manage his dog reasonably and scientifically. 

The following are the Introduction to Dog Body Language


The dog is bouncing, bending, vigorously pushing his forelegs or tail from side to side, and wiggling his ears backwards. Large dogs may also raise their front legs to lick their owner's face. Some dogs may exhibit excessive gaiety and emotional incontinence, which usually occurs in young dogs and fades with age. The sound a dog makes when he is happy is a bright "woof!" sound.

2. Happy

If the dog is in a happy, excited, or favorable mood, his performance is more stable than if he is in a joyous mood. When the dog is happy, only slowly wagging its tail, making a slight "whine" sound in the throat, and sometimes licking the owner's hand and face constantly.

3. Coquetry

When a dog is being spoiled, it makes a "hehe" sound with its nose. The tail droops when the master is asked to forgive and behave petulantly. And when he wants something, or wants to urge his owner to play with him, he wiggles his tail gently and stops hanging down.

4. Anger

When the dog is in an angry mood, the whole body is stiff, the limbs are stretched out, the dog's hair stands on end, and the lips are rolled, the teeth are exposed, and the dog makes a threatening "whine" sound to intimidate the other party. The tail also wiggles slightly and the ears are combed toward each other.

5. Sad

When the dog is in a sad mood, it will give out "cooing", "ho" barking, hoping to approach the owner, in order to "tell" their sadness, pain, misfortune. At such times, the dog will also lower its tail and rub its owner's body in a distressed gesture.

6. Alert

When the dog is on the alert, the ears stand up. Even with a low sound, the dog issued a "bark" barking. When the enemy is approaching, it is issued a continuous "barking". In the foreign enemy close to, emit a continuous "tomas - of -" sound

7. Terrorist

When the dog is terrorized, depending on the degree of terror it feels, the different degrees of the ground can be seen hanging down the tail. and when the tail is rolled completely between the two legs, the terror is shown in the extremity. and the ear is also twisted backward, showing the state of Morpheus, and the whole body becomes in a group.

8. Lonely

When the dog is lonely, the whole body is loose and limp, like the yawning, "ah" sound.