Can Dogs Eat Yogurt ?

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Can Dogs Eat Yogurt ?

Yogurt is made from fermented fresh milk and contains probiotics that provide protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium and magnesium. Yogurt is an essential and healthy food for human daily life.We all know that dogs cannot drink milk because it is lactose intolerant. Can dogs eat yogurt made from fermented milk?

So can dog eat yogurt?

It’s a bit complicated, but in general, yes, dogs can eat yogurt in moderate amounts. Though yogurt comes from cow's milk, it is safe for dogs because of a special fermentation process that breaks down the lactose in yogurt. In addition, yogurt has more lactic acid bacteria than milk. The trace element better promotes calcium absorption, regulates gastrointestinal function, and helps dogs improve immunity and appetite.

Do dogs like yogurt?

Probably because of the yogurt flavor, it exudes a fragrance, and the taste is a bit tart and sweet. Some dogs love the taste, and the yogurt drink gives the dog the right amount of protein and calcium nutrients while boosting its immune system. At the same time, it can help dogs with intestinal peristalsis.


How to choose the right Yogurt?

Owner can choose some low-fat, high-calcium yogurt to feed the dog, so the dog will not only absorb it better, but also not have any intestinal problems.Such as Greek-style yogurt.

Health benefits of yogurt for dogs

1.Yogurt is rich in vitamin B, which effectively strengthens the body's resistance and keeps dogs from getting sick easily.
2.Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which are effective in promoting the absorption of calcium from the milk, as well as increasing the number of good bacteria in the gut for survival.
3.Yogurt also contains tyrosine, which can help ease your dog's anxiety and restlessness, as well as boost your dog's spirits.
4.For dogs with a low appetite, owners can also mix yogurt with their dog food to boost the dog's appetite.

How much yogurt can I give my dog?

Generally speaking, dogs eat no more than 50g of yogurt a day. However, Yogurt is not recommended for dogs under 2 months of age because puppies' intestines and stomachs are fragile and feeding yogurt can easily cause diarrhea.