Dog Teeth Health Care Tips

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Dog Teeth Health Care Tips

Dental care is important for good health, since many diseases are linked to poor teeth care and gum disease.The health of dogs' teeth not only affects their appetite, but also has a huge impact on their physical health. Nevertheless, dogs themselves do not know how to clean their teeth, so as breeders, we need to help them take care of it. Here are a few ways to clean your dog’s teeth, and pet owners can choose what works for them.

So how do you clean your dog's teeth?

Brush teeth

Teeth brushing is the foundation of good oral health.Brushing your dog's teeth sounds like a lot of work, but it's one of the most effective ways to reduce the growth of bacteria in your dog's mouth. The habit of brushing your dog's teeth should start at a young age, otherwise it will not be satisfactory for dogs to brush their teeth when they are older. You should brush your dog’s teeth daily. The toothbrush and toothpaste should be purchased from a regular pet store.

Cleaning Dental Care Powder

Pet owners can also utilize regular cleaning methods to help dogs reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth. That is, Dog teeth cleaning dental care powder can reduce Bad Breath, Tartar, & Plaque.This powder is just simply scoop onto food at mealtime.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dog teeth professional cleaning is essential by veterinarian for every 1 year.if you normally do the cleaning work in place, the dog's mouth is not inflammation, the cleaning period can also be appropriately extended. When cleaning the teeth, you need to give the dog anesthesia, which has a certain risk, so be sure to select a reliable pet hospital.

Dog Chews

Dog chews can be either a toy or a treat and are specifically designed to help mechanically scrape the tooth surface. Dog chews come in a variety of shapes that are consistent with dogs' biting habit and can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria in their mouths. At the same time, the food type of dog chews can help dogs supplement some trace elements, toy chews can improve the dog's chews strength.

Daily diet

First of all,Don't overfeed your dog with sweets such as chocolate and sugar to prevent tooth decay. You can feed him vegetables and all kinds of raw bones that he can not swallow. It can not only exercise the bite force of dog teeth, but also clean calculus and tartar.
In addition, If the dog has oral ulcer, gingival swelling and other phenomena, he can use warm physiological saline to clean the red and swollen ulcer parts and then rub iodine glycerin. In addition, the supplement of some vitamin B can reduce the incidence of tooth disease. If the condition is more severe, it should be taken to the veterinarian as soon as possible.