How to Avoid Dog Obesity?

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How to Avoid Dog Obesity?

Nowadays canine obesity has gradually run a rising trend.As some owners indulge their dogs and give the dog to eat a lot of food every day, resulting in the dog obesity and overweight. This obesity illness is damaging pet dog's health. So now we discuss why dogs get fat and how can we prevent dogs from getting fat more effectively?

So why does the dog get fat ?

Diet issue

Overfeeding is the main factor that affects dog obesity. it does harm to the dog 's health.For the dog diet, it is better to choose dog food and feed as instructed. Normally it is twice a day at a fixed time for the medium and big dog. Irregular diets are bad for the dog 's health. Therefore, for the sake of our dog's health, we also need to develop good life habits for our dog in advance.

Lack of effective exercise

Many dogs have a bad habit of eating and sleeping all day without effective exercise. In particular, owners with busy work are too busy to have a daily walk with dog after work. Therefore, ineffective exercise is the other reason to cause dog obesity.

Dog’s age issue

The older dogs, the easier it is to get fat. it may be related to the metabolism of the body.As your dog gets older, you need to impose discipline on them, and take care of their habits so that they can enjoy their old age!

How can we prevent dogs from getting fat more effectively?

Diet control

You should consult your veterinarian for how much dog food each day that your dog requires based on their age, size, neuter status, lifestyle and activity levels.And avoid giving table scraps to dogs.

Snacks control

Prepare your own snack bowl and measure your daily allowance without increasing it. If you're not training, it's best not to give your dog frequent treats. you should opt for chicken and veggie sticks, Instead of always snacking on high-calorie cheeses and offal.

Heat control

It is important to choose well-balanced dog food, and to read the ingredients and calorie counts on the package. Don't give sweet treats to your dog as they may lead to tooth decay and weight gain.

Daily exercise

Increase your daily walking time by 20 minutes each day. And teach your dog a game tour and play with him several times a day. If possible, add a 15-minute walk before going to bed each day. Remember to keep them active prevents boredom. The more exercise they do, the more healthy they are.