How to Treat Dog Anorexia

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How to Treat Dog Anorexia

Nowadays dogs have entered people's lives and become an indispensable member of many families. Dogs have given a lot of company and comfort to people under great pressure in real life, but many owners of improper breeding methods, resulting in many pet dog anorexia minor problems. For example, after giving dogs leftovers and eating human food, many dogs turn their noses up at their own dog food and don't like it anymore.

Dog food is a staple food specially made for dogs. It is very harmful for pets to eat human food for a long time. For example, salt in human food can damage pets' kidney function. So try to feed the dog food. But the taste of traditional dog food is relatively single. Many dogs that eat for a long time will be more repellent.

So how to correct dog anorexia?

1. Increase exercise

Increasing the intensity of exercise or changing your exercise routine may be a common way to treat anorexia. Take your dog for a stroll and the anorexia problem will be resolved. However, for different breeds or different personalities, we need to adopt different exercise methods, otherwise you may be exhausted.

There is no need for strenuous or vigorous exercise like a puppy. Buy some toys to let him play at home or on the lawn, let him jump, jump can meet his exercise. But for a big dog, you need to take it out for exercise. Choose something physically demanding and physical, and try to get your dog to run between five and ten kilometers a day.

2. Develop scientific feeding habits

To select the Multi-flavor dog food, each box of dog food has six different flavors, beef, lamb, milk and other different options. Eating different flavors every day can effectively improve the problem of dog anorexia.

In addition, For convenience, many owners often put dog food in the dog bowl, where their dogs can eat it at any time. As time goes by, dogs lose interest in their daily meals and become less and less fond of eating. At this time, the owner might put up the dog food for a period of time. so that the dog has a sense of hunger and then feeds, increase the dog's expectation of dog food, so as to enhance the dog's appetite.

3. Healthy issue

If the dog has anorexia because of the disease, it is necessary to check the symptomatic treatment, helping the digestion of drugs can only play a supplementary role. If necessary, the dog's owner should consult the vet for more solutions.