How to walk your dog safely?

How to walk your dog safely?

Dogs are our best friends. And taking your dog for walks every day is the happiest time for them. However, no matter how happy a dog is. it should not be allowed to do whatever it wants, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary trouble for pedestrians and ourselves. Therefore, you should know why we need to walk the dog and how to walk your dog safely.

Why do we need to walk dogs ?

Dogs are naturally active. Taking them outside is a great way to keep them happy. Outdoor activities not only prevent them from gaining weight, but also use the sun's ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria and parasites on dogs. Moreover,Dogs can make friends with their own kind and have their own kind of social circle, which allows dogs to learn how to interact with other dogs and develop their social skills.

So how to walk your dog safely?

Dog walking time & place

Taking your dog for walks is better to choose early in the morning and late in the evening with fewer people. 20 minutes for small dogs while 40-60 minutes for medium-sized dogs. It is recommended that you walk your dog in open areas, preferably not in crowded and clustered areas.

Dog Leash

Go out to walk the dog must wear a leash, muzzle if necessary. This can prevent the dog lost, disorderly eating garbage and other behaviors, as well as attacking people, fighting, chasing cars, chasing animals and other dogs fighting and so on, all unexpected trouble.

Clean-up plastic bag and Tissue

A nice walk should be good for the people and the environment. Many dog may need to go to toilet while strolling, so prepared up a clean-up plastic bag is necessary. So to be a civilized dog owner is our responsibility.

Water bottle

Keep your dog hydrated to avoid is better that you take the dog bowl with the bottle that allows your dog to sip easily. The dog is afraid of the heat of the animal, coupled with the body heat being not much, drinking more water can help cool down.

Use drugs to prevent parasites

Dogs come into contact with different pets and people while strolling. It is recommended that owners do a good job of deworming and prevention in advance to prevent their dogs from getting parasites.

Dog identification

Remember to wear an identification tag before walking your dog. The identification tag should have the name of the dog, the name of the pet owner, and the contact information of the pet owner on the top ring. If the dog is accidentally lost, the identification tag will be helpful.

Weather issue

Don't walk with your dog on hot days to avoid heatstroke.If it is cold,the dog may wear clothes or small shoes and so on. On rainy days,it is better not to go out , so as to avoid catching a cold.

Communication with your dog

Walking is dog’s pleasurable activity. The dog will be excited to explore the new sights, smells, and sounds on the way to walk. The dog should be trained to know your demands sit, stay, or come when called.Once he is done, rewards should be given.

Walking with your dog is a pleasurable time for both of you. Keep safe and enjoyable.