Summer Healthy Treats For Dog

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Summer Healthy Treats For Dog

The hottest summer of the year is on, and the temperature outside is rising with it.  Dog releases heat by panting and also by sweating through their paw pads and nose. And the dog is covered with fur. Summer is not a nice season for them. As the owner, We need to make a good daily diet to keep your dog comfortable, cool, and safe on a hot summer’s day. Prevention is the best preparation and food plays a vitally important role.

So what healthy diets are good for dogs in summer?


Watermelon is a cool fruit in summer for dogs. But appropriate feeding is vital. Otherwise, it may lead to stomach problems.


Yogurt can increase the number of gastrointestinal bacteria, which helps digestion to improve appetite and is a good way to supply calcium. Therefore, if your dog isn't in good appetite in summer, you can feed some delicious and healthy Yogurt to your dog.


The nutritional value of beef is high. Beef has a high protein content and contains many essential amino acids for dogs. It is much lower in fat and cholesterol than pork, so beef is a nutritious food for dogs.  Make sure the beef you feed your dog is well cooked. Otherwise,it can get parasites. 


Pumpkin is a seasonal fruit and vegetable in summer, which is rich in vitamins, trace elements, protein, and so on. It is suitable for dogs to eat with supplement nutrition. What's more, the crude fiber in the pumpkin can clean and improve the dog's intestinal tract, improve constipation, and to a certain extent improve appetite!  Eating pumpkin 2 to 3 times a week is good for your dog's health. 


If the dog has no good appetite in summer, the owner can occasionally use chicken liver mixed with rice to it, the dog will absolutely like it.  And chicken liver and other internal organs are rich in trace elements and also the best choice for dogs to supplement nutrition. To prevent the possibility of hypervitaminosis A, your dog's diet should contain no more than 5% organ meat. For a medium-sized dog, that's approximately one ounce of liver per day max.

Anything else we can do for dogs on tropical days?

Last but not the least, In order to give your dog a comfortable, cool, and safe summertime, only the diet is not enough. The owner also needs to keep hydrated with cool water for the dog and keep the dog in the shaded area. Furthermore, a cool dog pad and vest for the dog are also a good choice. Or preparing one bathtub for dog playing water will be a cool way for your dog during those tropical days.