Teacup Dog Care

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Teacup Dog Care

The teacup dog originated in the United States. It weighed less than four pounds and was less than eight inches in size. It is also known as a lady dog, a poodle, etc. He was named Teacup Dog because he could fit in a pocket or a glass of water. Teacup dogs are small in size and stop growing after seven to eight months. They must be carefully cared for and kept from sickness.

What is the characteristics of teacup dog?

The personality of a teacup dog is excitable, active and quiet. Whatever the character of the teacup dog may be, it cannot affect his lovely nature and good character. The very small size of the tea dogs means that they are difficult to rear compared to other breeds. In addition to their fragile bodies, many businesses use teddy bears with congenital malformations to pretend to be teacups, which is why teacups are so prone to death. In breeding teacup dogs, be careful about ambient temperature. In summer, pay attention to ventilation to keep the room fresh, and in winter, pay attention to keeping warm to ensure an indoor temperature balance. In addition to regular indoor disinfection, cleanliness is also required to keep the room dry and neat.

What kind of the food does the teacup dog eat?

Feeding should be regular, rationed, and balanced. Care should be taken to prevent hypertonia (especially vitamin A or D) or calcium deficiency. Teacup's diet is not set in stone, but depends on its age to determine what it should eat. Due to their small size, teacup dogs have particularly fragile stomachs, and you must be careful when feeding them. When a teacup is not allowed to eat dog food until he is six months old, we can feed him goat's milk in the meantime. Remember that it must be goat's milk, not cow's milk. A teacup dog should not drink milk.

When the teacup dog is a year old, the groomer can mix the regular puppy food with the goat's milk and feed it to the dog when the milk is soft, but the goat's milk will still be the main food and the puppy food will only be a supplement. When the dog is over a year old, it can start eating dog food completely. Of course, the dog can also be fed a few eggs or fruits and vegetables to balance the dog's nutrition. 

Health care

The belly of the puppy should not be long in landing, which is apt to be caused by cold diarrhoea or cold. Puppies who are afraid of the cold, winter or summer, should take care to do a good job of keeping the puppy warm.Puppy bones are not fully developed, long walks can lead to deformation of the four-limb bones, its resistance is poor, and outdoor activity should be reduced in poor air conditions.When the weather is nice outside, let the puppy bask in the sun, which is good for bone growth.