What Should I look for in Teddy Bear Shower?

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What Should I look for in Teddy Bear Shower?

Teddy dogs are intelligent, gentle, dispositionally lively, open and bright, easy to approach, and have a body odor-free, drool-free nature, so many dog owners will be first in line for a teddy. Many owners are raising teddies for the first time, so they often make mistakes in the way they are bred, such as misconceptions about bathing.

Here are six things to look out for when bathing Teddy.

1.Comb hair

Make sure to comb all of Teddy's hair before you bathe him. This will open up tangles and remove dirt for easy cleaning. When combing, it is best to comb against the direction of the hair.

2. Water temperature

Teddy's skin also has a different resistance to heat than ours, so be sure to pay attention to the water temperature when bathing Teddy. The optimal water temperature is around 35 to 40 degrees. In summer, you can wash it directly under cold water. It's okay to bathe a teddy once a month in winter, and every day if special circumstances warrant it!

3. Bath cleaning supplies

Human body wash should never be used on TEDDY because the body wash we use is not suitable for them. And it can cause damage to Teddy's skin and even rough hair and hair loss. Therefore, when bathing Teddy, owner are advised to use the right dog body wash suppies, so he will be healthier!

4.Number of baths

Owners are advised to bathe Teddy every seven to ten days in summer and every two weeks in winter. It makes sense to bathe your dog according to how dirty he is.

5. Bath nursing

After bathing, wipe the water in the ear canal clean with a cotton swab to prevent dampness from breeding ear mites. In addition, some of the oils from Teddy's coat will be removed, which can reduce your dog's resistance to cold and skin resistance, so do not leave your dog out in the sun or outdoors after a bath. It is important to thoroughly dry the hair in a timely manner, otherwise bacteria can easily grow and cause skin diseases, which can cause skin diseases in dogs.

Dry the hair in a timely manner

6. Bath condition

For healthy dogs, the best time to bathe is between noon and late afternoon. Make sure your dog's hair is properly blow-dried. Importantly, none of Sick's dogs and puppies under two months old were bathed. Because of the weak resistance of sick dogs and puppies, bathing at this time not only aggravates the disease, but is apt to cause a cold.

7.Bathing order

In bathing the Teddy, we should pay attention to the sequence. We should not start by washing our heads. We should start with the back of the dog. Also keep the bath water out of your dog's eyes, nose, and ears.

Not only is it prone to unwanted diseases, but it can also make a teddy uncomfortable and make a dog afraid to take a shower.

If the Teddy dog is afraid of taking a bath, we can do a good job of soothing the dog, take some love to eat a small snack to divert the attention of the dog, also can tell the dog is not afraid of pets, let the dog slowly eliminate fear.