Why do dogs eat grass?

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Why do dogs eat grass?

Many dog owners may have noticed this phenomenon that sometimes the dogs chew the grass in the field grass with relish when playing, and some even make it their life habit.
Actually, It's no problem for a dog to eat grass once in a while. But If your dog eats a lot of grass suddenly, this could be a potential sign that your dog may have something that he's trying to treat himself for, and you need to pay special attention to that or inquire to the veterinarian.
Most people would be surprised to ask: Why do dogs eat grass? And what should be noticed if your dog eats grass?

Why do dogs eat grass?

Ethnic habits

Many people believe that dogs eating grass is a habit they have inherited from their ancestors. Before dogs became domesticated, they hunted and killed things like rats and rabbits for food. When dogs eat their whole bodies, undigested plants from the prey enter their stomachs along with the prey, which drives them to unconsciously seek out the plant material. Nowadays, dogs have inherited this herbivorous behavior.


It is well known that dogs use their noses and mouths to experience the world. And the grass is a good source of fiber with a light aroma. Some dogs like this aroma to eat as their curiousness or recreation. They are simply like the grass tastes or feels.

Sweep away foreign objects

When a dog has too many hairballs or other foreign objects that cannot be excreted, the dog will irritate the stomach and intestines by eating grass, which will eventually expel the foreign objects from the body.


Dogs need roughage in their diets while the grass is a good source of fiber. If the dog appears indigestion, they will chew grass to relieve their gastrointestinal distress. The owner should feed the dog reasonably to supplement the meat with the right amount and mix meat and vegetables evenly. Moreover, owners should do more exercise with their dogs or feed them probiotics and tablets to improve digestion. so the dog will not appear to eat grass pica due to indigestion.

Lacking a certain element

If the nutrition is not comprehensive, the dog will easily lack a certain nutritional intake, such as vitamins, minerals, etc. Therefore, dogs need to eat grass to supplement part of their nutritional needs. The owner should feed the dog special microelement tablets to supplement its body nutrition and pay attention to feeding a balanced nutrition ratio of food.

And what should keep in mind if your dog eats grass? 

Actually, dogs eating grass is actually quite common, but there is an aspect that should be kept in mind. The lawn grass that may be on lawns can be quite toxic. Make sure the plants in and around the area where your dog is eating grass aren’t dangerous. If the dog likes to eat grass, it is suggested that the owner can grow a bit of wheat grass, so that the dog will be safer to eat.