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Crushed renote

I left my remote on my truck and drove away when I went to find it It was ran over and the screen was crushed but believe it or not it still works

works like lost one

works as well as original

Not really the right shape

I think if I could Velcro the corners together, it would fit better. My compartment doesn’t really make it fit correctly and creating the box in the back by the seat would help. I need it mainly to keep dog hair off the sides. Might have to get out my own needle and thread with Velcro.

Easy to use

Easy to use. Can get the dogs attention quickly and having three units gives the ability to have a spare

Highly recommend

I was worried about my dogs being hurt by the shock. They were actually only shocked once. Now, as soon as they hear the beep, they do as they are asked. VERY pleased.
This is very easy to use and the battery life is great! Highly recommend.

Like it!

Easy to install medium fits my 21 Toyota Highlander nicely Velcro works good but suction cups no good. Not bad for price. Nice material.

Works well on my 2021 RAV4 Hybrid

This liner works almost like it is made for my RAV4. I like the lip that rolls down to cover the bumper. My yellow lab is getting older and can't jump like she used to so it has definitely protected my bumper from significant scratches.

They work good

Bought this because I have three dogs all of them get on tables and counters

Need much better collar on these.

Either sell it without the collar and have it fit universal snap collar or a good solid buckle. The buckle on these has no way to "lock " it closed. They tell hyou to run it through then fold it back and through the one sided buckle. It doesn't stay so you are constantly in danger of the collar unbecoming and you losing the tracker and your dog. Thr tracker itself is awesome and I have already used it to track my dogs twice and they roam far! That said if you use it to track live in a rural situation the battery gives v es out rather quickly. Better battery that will hold a charge for more than an active day would be a great improvement. I have to charge them daily. And figure out a better collar system for it.

GREAT collar!

I have 8 dogs and I’m currently training 2 of my youngest dogs (American bullies 7-9 months old) I started to condition them to what the shock,beep and noise meant, in a matter of weeks they have transformed into better dogs!

Don’t expect to just slap the collar on without doing the hard work to actually train and take them on walks/runs. A tired dog is a happy dog.

Great product for the price!

Works great!

This fits the back of my '06 Honda Pilot as expected. Keeps the mud and dog hair manageable. Looks great.

Great features

I have used these for a month to try all the features. The night light on the collars is very helpful at night. It is funny to see the bouncing lights in the yard but so helpfull to keep track of the dogs. The battery in the collars has stayed charged for more than 4 days with regular use. The beep is loud enough to hear and I Love the adjustable vibration mode.

Love it

so happy with it ! Works great !

Be very careful about the size.

I thought I was being careful about the size of this cargo cover, but it is way to big.
That problem aside it is wonderfully made, cleans easily and looks nice. Now if it just fit.
I would not discourage you buying it, just make sure it will fit. Way to big for my GMC Terraine cargo area.

Need replacement parts

I've noticed that when i tried to beep my dog it didnt respond until after i pressed the power button. This has been annoying.

Super bueno y facil de instalar

Facil de instalar

Overall pleased

These have worked well in training mydogs. However they were able to tear the collors eventually and break the plastic in one area. So not sturdy enough for my playful labs

Perfect cargo liner for 4Runner/Dogs

This cargo liner fits perfect in my 4Runner and provides the perfect amount of protection that I was looking for. I have a large dog who travels and the flap that extends out for bumper protection is exactly what I was looking for. It also has good sidewall protection too for the back of my vehicle. I highly recommend this product.

Training collars

Just got them, charged, and made them ready.
Can get back after some use.

Exactly as described and easy to use.

It took 2 times to break the fence fighting issue.

Battery life was not as long as described in add.

Battery did not last as long as described in add. But every thing else was fine. Battery life was only about 1/2 day.

Worked really well

Bought this to drive with 3 dogs across the country. It kept them from getting into the front and kept my car from becoming disgusting. Would recommend

Good for your money

Second time I have bought these. Great collars and inexpensive. Only had to buy them again because the first one got chewed! Dogs listen well to the beep and if they are around one another and you beep one they all think it’s for them so they all listen! We have a 2 year old 1 year old and 12 week old. Highly recommend!