Are dogs instinctive swimmers?

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Are dogs instinctive swimmers?

Some people mistakenly believe that all dogs have a "swimming gene" and are born with the natural ability to swim. However, the fact is that most dogs instinctively make a paddling motion if they wind up in the water, it’s often the extent of their swimming ability. Not every dog paddle is effective at keeping the body afloat, and many dogs have no idea how to move toward shore or the side of the pool.

What type of dog can swim or not?

A dog's ability and desire to swim are not breed only. Many people have heard the so-called Dog Paddle. Though this swimming method is named after dogs, it doesn't mean that all dogs like or are good at swimming.
Regarding their swimming ability, dogs usually fall into three types: those who are instinctive swimmer, those who need help swimming and those who do not like to swim.

Dogs who are instinctive swimmer

Certain dogs are born with the natural ability to swim. These breeds usually are not only excellent swimmers, but they enjoy the water as well. These dogs usually have thick, waterproof coats and webbed feet. Such as the Portuguese Water Dog or the Labrador Retriever. However, there are also exceptions among those . Sometimes senior dogs or disabled dogs have trouble swimming, no matter their breed.

Dogs who need help swimming

If you want to train your dog to swim,reward your dog with treats for every new progress they make in the water, even if it’s simply getting their paws wet. Never force a dog into the water if they are not willing. Moreover, Dog life vest is a good and safe choice when your dog needs help swimming.

Dogs Who Do Not like to swim

Breeds with large, boxy chests, shorter hind legs, or short muzzles often do not fare well in swimming scenarios , such as Boxers, Pugs, Basset Hounds, and the Bulldog.

How to test their swimming ability?

To figure out your dog's interest in swimming, get into the water yourself to entice him in.If your dog follows you into the water and feels confident and happy, he's likely to become a swimmer. On the other hand, If your dog is frightened about getting wet, don't force him.