Be Aware of Dog's Depression

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Be Aware of Dog's Depression

One day, if you realise that your beloved dog will bark all day long and unable to eat for some reason, or they do not respond to your care being very cold. In this case, they may be suffering from depression. And the symptoms of depression in dogs are similar to those experienced by people. Common symptoms include low activity levels, a loss interest in the things they once enjoyed, and a change in eating or sleeping habits.

The causes of dog depression may come from the dog itself, the external environment, and the dog owner.

The dog itself

Different dogs may have different causes of depression. If the family dog is too timid to see what unfamiliar people or things are afraid of for a long time, such dogs are also more likely to cause depression; If the dog itself is not healthy enough, lacks some trace elements, or suffers from other long-term physical diseases, physical pain can easily lead to psychological depression.
Solution: dog owners should take good care of their dogs to prevent them from being frightened, and they should help their dogs treat their physical illnesses first.

The external environment

1. If the living environment suddenly changes, such as being sent to the home of the owner's friend to foster care, or the owner's family moves to a new house, the dog will generally show a little discomfort and feel at a loss.

Solution: dog owners can take their dogs to the new environment in advance, and they can prepare better material conditions for them in the new environment, such as a warmer den, more delicious food, more cuddly toys, so that they can have a place to hide when they are nervous.

2.If there is another dog or friend in the family, or a new baby, they will feel left out and become unhappy.

Solution: dog owners must prepare well in advance for the arrival of a new addition to the family. For example, by deliberately being aloof when other dogs are not around, and showing extra care and love when other dogs arrive, the dog will become eager to see the other dog. If you have a new baby on the way, try to introduce your dog to some baby smells before the baby is born.

3.Small animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds and turtles can get very upset, nervous and even depressed when their owners leave the house without them.

Solution: Before leaving home, the owner should leave some tasty treats for your dog to enjoy, preferably something he has never enjoyed before. When the dog is busy enjoying the food, it can alleviate the pain of missing.

Dog owners

The attitude of dog owners towards their dogs is a key factor.
1.If dog owners arrive late every day, only a long holiday has time to think about their dog. Besides, they don't have time to go for a walk. This often does not care, and house dogs are prone to depression and anxiety, and even self-harm to vent in the heart of boredom.

Solution: dog owners should spend more time caring for their dogs or finding them a companion to prevent them from living a lonely and monotonous life.

2. If the family atmosphere of dog owners is tense and family wars break out from time to time, dog life will not be easy. In this environment, dogs are prone to feelings of fear and insecurity, which can lead to depression over time.
The solution: In this case, the natural way to change your dog's depression is to give your dog a more relaxed living environment.