Cat Training Tips

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Cat Training Tips

Generally speaking, when the cat is 2 to 3 months old, it can receive basic training. It is best to choose before feeding each training, because hungry cats are more willing to be close to people. In order to obtain food, cats will become more obedient and well-behaved, which is very effective for the training method of food temptation.
In fact, any pet can be better integrated into family life through some simple training, and the owner must master the correct method. So how should you train your cat?


Reasonable punishment

The punishment here is not to do corporal punishment to the cat and other actions that are harmful to the cat's healthy life. It is necessary to avoid serious stress reactions in the cat during the punishment process. The method of punishment depends on the cat's character. When it admits a mistake, don't forgive it quickly, or ignore the cat's existence, or look into the cat's eyes and say no.



How to train a cat not to bite

Please do not play with it with your hands or fingers. Use cat toys to play with it, such as cat sticks, laser pointers, etc. Cats sometimes get too excited and accidentally hurt you. When the cat starts to bite, you must firmly say no, control it and tell it that the behavior is wrong, or treat it coldly and ignore it and do not interact with it, so the cat realizes the mistake.



How to train a cat to sit

The owner trains the cat to sit down and can attract the cat's attention with the treat. Shake the treat slowly, and if the cat wants to snatch it, raise the treat so that the cat realizes you are giving the command, when you say "sit down". When the cat learns to sit down, reward him with treats, repeat several times, and slowly go it.


How to train a cat to shake hands

Let the cat sit first, then touch its hand with the toy or treat, and when the cat raises it, take your own hand to hold the cat's hand, then pass the treat with your other hand, etc. When it is done eating, you can let go. Repeat several times to gradually deepen the cat's impression.



How to potty train a cat

There are many reasons why cats can't go to the toilet. For example, the cat's mother did not teach it, they are too young to leave the cat's mother and can't use it. It is also possible that the cat is unfamiliar when it first arrives at home, the cat does not like the smell of cat litter, etc.



Training method:

After 15-20 minutes after the cat eats or drinks, observe whether the cat has the behavior of going to the toilet, which shows that the cat will sniff and dig pits everywhere. At this time, the owner needs to take the cat to the cat litter box, let the cat know the location, teach it to use its paws to dig a hole and then bury the cat litter. If there is no response after eating, wait for 2-3 hours, wait for the cat to have an excretion response, and then go over to the guide, and repeat it many times. The cat will gradually get used to it.


How to train your cat to eat regularly

When you first arrive home, the owner will give the cat a name, and gradually the cat will know it is its name. Take the cat's rice bowl or food and call the cat's name. Repeated for a long time, the cat will develop a good habit of eating regularly, and will also be called anytime, because the cat will think that when you call it, there is delicious food here.



Have you learned the above skills for training cats? Don't envy others for having a cute and clingy kitten, master cat training skills and you can also have a well-behaved and sensible cat.