Dog Hair Care in Winter

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Dog Hair Care in Winter

Winter was coming on, and the weather was getting colder and colder, and the dogs' hair was becoming a thick coat. The dry weather in winter makes a dog's coat more fragile and requires better care. Here's how to care for your dog's hair in the winter.

Dogs need to be groomed more frequently in winter. Because brushing your coat not only prevents tangles, it also improves circulation and hair growth. It is also important to choose the right grooming tools when grooming your hair. For dogs with long, curly hair, the tools are different.

Do not bathe your dog too often in winter, and not only because of the weather, dogs that bathe too often tend to get colds. Bathing too often can wash away the protective greenery and drive the dog away. Winter hair care and hair care products can be infected with certain bacteria that can also affect the growth and development of the skin. But not without a shower. After a certain period of time, oil can also easily become a hotbed of various bacteria. Two to four baths per month are most appropriate, depending on the length of the dog's coat. When showering, it's best to choose a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients. Or use a conditioner that nourishes your hair.

There's another way to provide the nutrients your fur needs, and that's with food. Protein and unsaturated fatty acids in food are important coatings that make food softer and healthier. Both are found in regular dog food. However, individual pets vary widely due to the harsh winter weather. It's best to pick up some pet grooming products or eat some cheese. However, as many dogs cannot digest the lactose in milk and are prone to diarrhea, be careful when feeding cheese. In winter, a dog's coat is thick, which helps it stay warm. However, it can still get sick when confronted with sudden hot and cold conditions. Therefore, do not expose the dog to heat or cold. There are a lot of infectious diseases in winter, and dogs are more likely to get sick when they get sick.