Dog Nose Small Secret

Dog Nose Small Secret

When you watch your dog sniff every day, Have you wondered what's going on? It is very boring for our dog to observe the world with his eyes as the dog can only see the colors yellow, blue, and gray. Dog’s eyesight is not very good, but it has a very powerful organ in its body. that is the nose.

Dogs can experience the colorful world through their sense of smell, but nose sniff ability is very special and play a great role in our human life, so let us discuss dogs’ nose structure and its small secret!

What is the dog nose structure?

Humans have five million smell cells, but dogs have billions. The lateral structure of a dog’s nose is exceptionally strong, and the internal structure is even more specialized. A dog's wet nose has a sponge-like structure that captures smells in the air, and it has a different sense of smell in the left and right nostrils, so its sense of smell is stereo. The nose has a tiny fold that splits the airflow in two, one for breathing and the other for the smell. The sniffing area is directed to an area with highly sensitive smell receptors. The dog's nose is powerful because it has something inside it that allows it to pick up invisible smells. It's called the vomeronasal tube, or hoe tube, and it's a completely independent olfactory system.

So what's the dog nose small secret?

Nose print

Each dog's nose print is unique and can be identified as a human fingerprint.

Nose melanin

The melanin in the dNose melaninog's nose helps improve the sensitivity of the dog's sense of smell. It uses a wet nose to break down molecules in the air. When the air touches the mucous membrane, it starts to discriminate between layers of smell.

Wet nose

The nose is the indicator of its health. Add minerals or glucose to your dog's water to help him rehydrate. If the dog's nose keeps dry even if they drink a lot of water. You should inquire your veterinarian for future check. This is probably a sign that your dog is sick.

The excellent sniff ability

It is well known that smell is a dog's most important sensory organ, it connects directly to the brain beyond the thalamus, so dogs are far more capable of smell than humans. With their keen sense of smell and sweet disposition, sniffer dogs can be served as hunters, protectors, and faithful companions for a human being. They can make contributions to police work, medical detection, search and rescue, and so on.

Police Work

A trained dog can detect explosives or illegal drugs along with policemen.Drugs or explosives often contain special chemicals that dogs can smell. Odors that humans can't smell but can be very stimulating for dogs.

Medical Detection

Studies have shown that dogs can sniff out disease, and some have even been trained in other countries to detect cancer in humans. Dogs can smell cancer in its early stages and literally save lives. In 2015, one clever dog managed to smell cancer, Frankie, a German Shepherd, was able to detect cancer with 88% accuracy. Pretty impressive.

Search and Rescue

A dog's sense of smell is so powerful that it remembers every human scent it has ever smelled. And trained dogs can help policemen to catch criminals. In addition, rescue dogs can help detect life and save people in earthquake.