Dog Tear Stains

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Dog Tear Stains

Dog tears are secreted from the eyes of dogs. The Lachrymal gland is an accessory organ of the eye, primarily because under normal circumstances, the lachrymal gland secretes tears to moisten the eyeball and then enters the nasal cavity through the lacrimal duct, and will not flow out of the corner of the eye. For example, when animals roar, the lacrimal gland contains too many tears and cannot be discharged from the lacrimal duct, the tears will flow out of the corner of the eye. Over time, tears staining form.

What causes tear staining in dogs?

Improper Diet

Be careful to to additives/preservatives, red meat and excess carbs or higher in salt in your pet's food. These often tend to cause inflammation and irritation, resulting in tear stains. A fresh, well-balanced diet is good for a dog who suffers from tear stains!

Healthy issue

1.Ear infection

When the ear canal suffers from bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic infections or ear swelling, pain, itching can cause a dog to scratch the ear frequently with the back foot.. The face is crisscrossed with the auditory nerve and facial nerve, which is a very sensitive area.. Due to the pain in the deep ear canal, it will extend around the eye and stimulate the lacrimal gland secretion. If too many tears cannot be discharged from the nosocomial duct, they will overflow from the corner of the eye near the nose. Over time, the brown tear stains on the hair will become obvious.

2. Nasolacrimal duct obstruction

The nasolacrimal duct is inflamed and swollen due to infection, resulting in complete blockage or incomplete blockage of the whole pipeline, so tears can not be discharged from the nasolacrimal duct normally, and will naturally overflow, and then the formation of ugly tears.

3. Roll inward eyelids

This situation can make the dog's eyes feel very unpleasant, leading to frequent scratching of the eye with the front limb, so they are frequently seen in tears, and can also cause severe tears.

4. Dacryoadenitis

It is principally because the lacrimal gland that secrets tears suffers infection, resulting in abnormal secretion of tears, and the nasolacrimal duct is too late to drege so many tears, which will lead to tears outflow, and over time will form dirty tears.

5. Genetic problems

Primary hypertear disease is a genetic disease in which tears are often secreted, which can also lead to tear stains.

Specific breed dog

This phenomenon is generally seen in breeds with short noses, such as pug, shih tzu and Japanese spaniel. Because such an appearance of the dog, will make the nasolacrimal duct curvature become tremendous, so the amount of tears discharged is limited, even the normal secretion of tears can not be loaded, will cause ugly tears or even black eye frame.

Cosmetic problems

If you notice that the hair around your dog's eyes is sticking to it, it is not properly done and should be fixed as soon as possible.

How to get rid of tear stains?

Healthy Issue

For the unhealthy problem of tear stains, it is recommended to consult your vet for advice.

Canthus cleaning

Pay attention to cleaning the hair around the eyes, do not let the burr into the eye to stimulate the secretion of tears. In addition, you can use antiseptic eye drops to wash your dog eyes.

Reduce tear production

Regular dog canthus massage to keep the nasolacrimal duct unclogged. If dogs are prone to dust, bacterial stimulation and infection, it is important to use chloramphenicol eye drops in time to clean the eyes. In addition, keep the living environment tidy and less dust to reduce the secretion and discharge of tears.

Clean eyes

Dogs are born with developed lacrimal glands and narrow nasolacrimal ducts, so the owner should do a good job of cleaning the dog's eyes to dry the tears in time. In addition, the owner should frequently wipe the place where the tears flow with physiological saline or bacteriostatic wipes. Therefore, even if the tears are dry, it is not easy to form tears.

Long hair trim

The dog's eye hair is too long and the eyelashes are ectopic and inverted, which will stimulate the dog's eyeball to secrete tears, so the shoveler should regularly trim the dog's eye hair. If there are ectopic or inverted lashes, consult your vet to see if they can be corrected or removed.

Light and hypersensitive diet

Please choose light and hypoallergenic dog food as the main course.