How to Bond with a Dog?

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How to Bond with a Dog?

The attachment of the dog to the owner is based on the food reflex and the free reflex of the dog. Through the care of the dog's life, the dog gradually becomes familiar with the owner's sound, smell and action characteristics, which creates excitement and leads to attachment.

How do you bond with a dog when you have one?

1. Living care

The owner should prepare a comfortable living environment for the dog and maintain a balanced and high-quality diet. Give them only the best dog food and pleasant living care so that they can grow up healthy and strong.

2. Daily companionship

Stroll the dog for at least half an hour every day and interact with the dog more often. Walking your dog not only gives it the exercise it needs, but also allows you to spend time with your dog regularly. If the owner has no time to walk the dog, the owner should interact with it every day to stroke the dog's small head and feed it a little snack, in order to enhance its emotional dependence on the owner.

3. Training and teaching

Train the dog, let it master some skills, the dog has a sense of satisfaction and will love the owner. some dogs are more intelligent, good at learning, and do not want to be a gluttony lazy dog son, master training it, teach it some special skills, the dog will be more satisfied. Many herders will happily follow the frisbee. Not only does he like sports, he also gets satisfaction from the game of catching the frisbee. As the dog becomes more competent, he will respect his master more, and he will definitely think that the master is much more powerful than he is.

4. Disease treatment

If the dog is sick after being carefully treated by the owner, it will also feel the care of the owner. Nowadays, many stray dogs can be seen on the streets. Some are lost by accident and cannot find a home. Some are abandoned by their owners because they can't afford to keep them. The relationship between the owner and the dog should not be so fragile. If you raise a dog, you should be responsible for its pain. Dogs can feel the care of their owners.