How to Feed Picky Eater Puppy ?

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How to Feed Picky Eater Puppy ?

It is said that the wolf is the ancestor of the dog, and the Wolf is certainly not picky about food, but it is a pity that the dog, as the descendant of the Wolf, has not completely inherited this advantage of the ancestor. Especially after being a beloved pet. They learn to bargain for food with their owners. Their usual way is to show their dissatisfaction with the food by holding it in their mouth even after normal eating time. If your puppy has no appetite for food, the correct way is to take your dog to a veterinarian for a check-up to see if your dog is anorexic due to illness. If not, the following methods to feed your picky eater puppy are useful for you.

How to improve picky eater puppy?

1. Set meal times

When feeding, the most important thing is to set the meal time.
Give it 30 minutes to eat. When time is up, the food is taken away.Let them know that the consequences of not chewing well will be no food, even the most picky pets will become obedient.

2. Prepare regular quantity food

If your dog's bowl is full of food every day, your dog will feel more secure about his food and care less about his food. Of course, he will choose the best of the variety of meals and treats and leave the regular treats to the side. Therefore, prepare a regular amount of food and no extra snacks before or after dinner. If the puppy does not finish the meal in 30 minutes, take the food away and leave it alone.

3.Offer quantity Snacks

The owner should control the snacks offer. No snack before or after meal. And the quantity of snacks is only offered when the dog is done well during the exercise time.

4.Take outdoor exercise

Dogs are carnivores and exercise is essential.Take your dog out for outdoor exercise, which will help consume the dog's physical energy and promote metabolism, gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. This is not only good for the dog's body, but also increases its appetite after exercise and makes eating dog food more delicious than usual.

5.Choose high palatably dog food

Normally, the owner does not frequently change the type of dog food and taste, as long as the food provided to the dog is healthy, conducive to the dog's growth and body does not easily change, so that the dog is not prone to picky food problems. Choose nutritious and palatable dog food to ensure that your dog's body needs the nutrients it needs.
Finally, after dogs eat too much food, they may suffer from indigestion, stomach swelling, and other conditions that affect their appetite. It is suggested that the owner can properly feed some probiotics for adjustment.