How to manage the puppy crying at night?

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How to manage the puppy crying at night?

Many puppies often cry incessantly on the first night of their first day in a new home. When a puppy is born, it usually sleeps snuggled with its mother and is never alone. Instead, he sleeps and rests in a warm, purring environment with its siblings and a group of loving people, but this pattern does not last long, and after two or three months, he goes back to his new "home" with you and starts a new life. When you put this little puppy in a cage for a few hours, he is lonely, scared, bored, and at night, and he has nothing to distract him but misses his family, no wonder he cries......Puppies bark mainly because they have just left their original group and arrived in a strange environment.



It might imply these things:

  • Sickness. Dogs can't speak up if they're not feeling well. When they feel uncomfortable and painful, they may use their own language to make a "whimpering" sound, which is actually the dog is uncomfortable and needs your help.
  • Hungry. The dog's biological clock is more punctual, not only at bedtime, but also for eating.
  • Not be accompanied. Dogs love their owners very much, and they are also very dependent on their owners, hoping to stay with their owners often. If the owner is busy and always ignores the dog, it will leave them without the owner's company for a long time, which will make the dog very sad.




How to get a puppy to sleep in a cage within a few weeks, the following two points are important:


  • Let your puppy feel safe at home and be happy to think that this is his home;
  • Let the puppy move around in the cage during the day, let it get used to the environment inside, eat snacks, nap, and then You can put the cage next to your bed at night, and when it gets tired after playing all day, you can gently hold it in the cage and let it sleep soundly inside.




After a week of adjustment, your puppy will get used to living in a warm crate. In a very gentle way, we accompany him through the turbulent night it just left its mom and siblings.
Finally, I hope this article is a good start for you and this new member of the family.