How to Take Care of Elderly Dogs

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How to Take Care of Elderly Dogs

The life expectancy of a dog is about ten years. Most dogs that can live to be more than 10 years old who have already in the senior dog stage and they can live longer if they are given a lot of care and attention.

How to care for senior dogs? These are key points.

Create a warm and cozy interior zone

As dogs get older, they spend more time resting and sleeping, so it's essential to provide them with a warm and comfortable home. Owners can cover their kennels with thick sponges to soothe sore joints and keep them warm. In addition, it is better to put the kennel in a quiet corner so that the dog can have a good rest and not be continuously noisy.

Have exercise time

As the physical fitness of older dogs deteriorates, owners should not force them to exercise. Going for a stroll, basking in the sun and blowing wind, there is no longer a limited time to go. Many older dogs have arthritis problems, so they don't like running very much. Owners can help their dogs alleviate their discomfort according to their situation.

Be aware of obesity

As dog's age, their metabolism slows, and they don't exercise as much. sometimes it's easy to put on weight when you overeat, which puts stress on your heart, muscles, and joints.
The owner can reduce the amount of food the dog is fed according to the amount of exercise or consume some high protein and high nutrition food.

Pay attention to the care of the stomach

The gastrointestinal ability of old dogs declines and dyspepsia frequently arises, so we should pay more attention to the maintenance of the intestinal tract of old dogs: Firstly, feed your dog ready-to-digest food, and limit snacks and meat. And never overfeed. In addition, probiotics can also be added to your diet to help your gut digest.

Take proper supplements

(1) Strengthen immunity

The immunity of old dogs will decline. It is easy for dogs to get sick, so prepare for old dogs to improve their nutrition and immunity.

(2) Supplement calcium and nourish joints

Like humans, bones and joints in older dogs are prone to problems, so it is essential to supplement calcium and joint nutrients for older dogs.

(3) Take care of your dog's heart

The heart function of old dogs will gradually decline. Coenzyme Q10 can help dogs protect their hearts and have anti-aging and anti-oxidation effects.

Oral care

Dental care is vital to keeping older dogs healthy. because tooth problems, such as inflamed teeth, can affect their appetite and lead to weakness and other health problems.

Regular dental care can prevent and treat periodontal disease in dogs. If dogs can take care of their teeth from a young age and brush their teeth regularly, periodontal disease can be reduced.

Take your dog for regular checkups

No matter what breed of an old dog, it is best to have a physical examination once a year, so as to detect the disease in time and cure it as soon as possible. Many diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and tumors, once there are obvious symptoms, most of them enter the middle and late-stage and are hard to treat. If caught prematurely and treated appropriately, dogs can live longer and suffer less.