Puppy Training for Beginners

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Puppy Training for Beginners

Pet owners don't panic when take dogs home! This blog will share the training tips for beginners. Hope it will be useful to you. Firstly, before you bring your puppy home, you need to make these preparations.


Disinfection of the home environment

  • Hide sharp objects in your home to avoid injuring your dog
  • Thoroughly disinfect the home, divide the activity area of the dog, and keep the ventilation.


You need take:

  • Pet Carrier. Provide a safe environment for your dog. You can also use it to get your dog vaccinated next time.
  • The cold weather can be appropriate to spread some blankets, to give the dog a warm environment. 


Dog items to prepare

  • Crate: Choose according to your dog's size
  • Pee pad: Puppies can't hold their pee, so it's necessary
  • Lead rope: You can choose a comfortable chest and back, or the chain of the explosion-proof dog training, according to the dog's situation
  • Toothbrush: Your dog should start brushing two to three times a week at around six months of age
  • Comb: Brush your dog's hair regularly



Dog feeding Guide

Puppies tend to overeat. Feeding should be regular, fixed time and quantitative to avoid causing gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs. The amount of food should be about 2.5% to 4% of body weight (for example, a 1kg dog should be fed 25-40g a day, divided into 3 to 4 times).


  • Is it okay for the dog to come home and bathe?

No. Because the newly brought home dog can not immediately adapt to the new environment, there may be vomiting, diarrhea, appetite and mental loss, bathing may make the dog appear cold, and stress symptoms. If necessary, wiping the body with wet wipes is recommended, and waiting for the vaccine after a week before taking a shower.


  • What should I do if the dog pees?

Train your dog to go to the toilet, place the pad in a fixed position, and observe your dog after eating. If he turns around and holds him to the pad, reward him if he does it right so he gets used to it.


  • What if the dog barks?

It is common for a new dog to howl all night because of insecurity in a strange environment. When bringing a puppy home, it's a good idea to bring home an item that smells like the dog's mother. Or you can put a stuffed animal in your puppy's den to make him feel less lonely. Play with your dog before bed to deplete your dog's energy. When talking to a dog, speak softly. Dogs can sense human emotions through their tone of voice.