There are many dog festivals around the world. Do you know?

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There are many dog festivals around the world. Do you know?

Do you know any festivals related to dogs? As the most loyal and closest friend of human beings, dogs have even become part of many families and have existed with humans for thousands of years. In order to show the love and respect for dogs, many countries have specially set up festivals for dogs to thank them for their loyalty and selfless dedication to people. In many countries, pets can not only celebrate their own commemorative festivals, but also have many special benefits. Let's take a look at those world-famous festivals.


  • Nepal's "Dog Festival"

Every year in late November, Nepal holds a 5-day event. As the biggest festival in Nepal, its importance is comparable to the Chinese Spring Festival. The second day is the Dog Respect Day, also commonly known as the "Dog Festival".


Nepalese believe that dogs are the messengers connecting the world and the underworld, and they will protect people's souls. Only by treating dogs well will they have good luck!
On this day, people will paint cinnabar, wear garlands and lay flowers for the dogs. Whether it is a family dog, a working dog, or even a stray dog on the street, they will receive the same treatment.
In addition to the well-dressed, people will also offer delicious snacks and other food for the dogs to thank them for their dedication throughout the year.
The dogs who are celebrating their own holiday on this day are so happy!



  • Canada's "Dog Festival"

Canada's Arctic Bay City is icy and snowy all year round, and modern means of transport are ineffective here. Because some parts of Canada are at high latitudes, sleds is the most important means of transportation locally, and sled dogs become people's most important partners. In order to thank the dogs for their efforts, the Canadian government specially set up the festival and designated the second Sunday in October every year as "Dog Day". On this day, both big dogs and puppies are equally pampered by their owners. Not only can the dogs enjoy three delicious meals a day, but the dogs that pull the sled on weekdays can also enjoy the privilege of a "vacation" day.



  • Take Your Dog to Work Day

Every year, June 26 is the unique "Bring Dogs to Work Day" in the United States, which is a holiday established by the American Pet Care Association to raise people's awareness of pet adoption. The government believes that working with dogs not only makes owners value their dogs more bu, but also increases time spent together. On this day, all pet owners in the United States are allowed to bring their beloved pets to work.



  • International Guide Dog Day

The last Wednesday in April is International Guide Dog Day. For the visually impaired, a guide dog is not only a friend, a family member but also their own eyes. The establishment of the festival not only expresses the affirmation of the dog's work, but also expresses human gratitude to them. A guide dog is a professionally trained and strictly trained working dog. They are very different from pet dogs. Although they are big, they are docile in character. They do not make any movements or make sounds without the command of their masters, so they have very little impact on the people around them.



  • International Search & Rescue Dog Day

Search and rescue dogs are a kind of working dog. They make great contributions to human search and rescue every year. They can also go to places that humans cannot reach. Therefore, in order to express gratitude to the dogs, in 2008, Austria designated April 25 as the Search and Rescue Dog Day every year. Later, other countries also adopted this day as their own Search and Rescue Dog Day.

When it comes to search and rescue dogs, everyone's first impression is the dogs who helped search and rescue teams find survivors in earthquakes and rubble. In fact, this is just one of them. In fact, search and rescue dogs are not only for earthquakes and ruins, but also for avalanches, lost friends in mountains, waters, etc. Search and rescue dogs can do it, and they can do it better and more efficiently.



  • International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day

International Dog Biscuit Thanksgiving is on February 23 every year. Everyone is familiar with Thanksgiving, but thanksgiving designed for dogs, I believe that everyone has never heard of it. On this day, in order to thank the dog for his company and loyalty, the owner must do his best to pet the dog and let it enjoy delicious biscuits. The establishment of this festival also has its own meaning. Many times we are used to the company of dogs, and even take the loyalty and companionship of dogs for granted, and often ignore the love of dogs for us. The establishment of this day makes us realize the importance of dogs to us.



In addition to these more formal dog festivals, there are many strange but lovely festivals around the world, such as the Walking Dog Day on February 22 every year, when owners take their dogs for a walk no matter how busy they are.


Every year on April 25th, don’t step in the dog poop day, reminding owners to raise dogs in a civilized manner and dispose of their excrement in time.



Did you not expect that there are so many festivals about dogs now? As it turns out, these festivals not only add fun to people's daily lives, but they also bring love to pets. Choose a time to celebrate your dog's holiday and show your love to the dog!