Tips of toilet training for puppy

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Tips of toilet training for puppy

When you have a dog, one of the very important things is to train them to go to the toilet in a designated place, which will save you a lot of time and energy. This can be a long process, which needs your patience. It's not hard to train your dog to go to the toilet, it only takes these few steps!

First, find a suitable place to go to the toilet.

Before training a dog to go to the toilet, you should determine the place, and once it is determined, don't change it. Otherwise, all training will need to start over. In most cases, make room for a dog toilet in your home or on the balcony.


Second, observe the dog's toilet habits.

Feed your dog regularly and quantitatively every day, the dog goes to the toilet at about the same time. In the early stages, carefully observe what the dog's reaction will be before defecating, and a clear understanding in advance will be of great help in the next step of training. If you find your dog sniffing around on the floor, be on high alert that he is looking for a place to go to the toilet.

In addition, dogs generally defecate once in the morning after waking up from a nap. Carry your dog to a designated place after he wakes up and let him stay there for a while first. At the same time, use a special tone of voice to say "hurry up" and so on. (Be sure to insist on doing this, even when he grows up, to use this command often, they will gradually know that your command is urging him to go to the toilet)

To train a dog to defecate at a certain place, you must first understand the dog's defecation signals, which are very easy to distinguish. They will exaggerate by sniffing around on the floor and spinning around before they pose to poop.

If you see your puppy defecating elsewhere than in the prescribed potty, try pressing its nose into the defecating area and give it a stern reprimand: "No defecating here!" At the same time, spank him with your hand as a warning. Wash the place of defecation with soap and water to remove the odor. Otherwise, the puppy will smell its own feces and defecate here.




Third, take the dog to the toilet.

After the first two steps, when the dog wants to go to the toilet, immediately hold it or pull it to the designated location, and on the way to tell it to "go to the toilet". Be sure to give them a snack and touch the head as a reward after they done. When it poops or pees, praise it immediately and say "Good". When he will do what you expect, you can say "Go pee" and "Come on" when he goes in circles......

Fourth, repeat it.

Patiently train it for one or two weeks, slower to three or four weeks to learn. After that, except for going out, he will usually go to the toilet in the prescribed place. Teaching your dog to go to the bathroom is not something that can be taught once or twice, you need to be patient each time. With a little time, your puppy can be successfully trained to keep his "litter" and yours clean.



Do not punish your puppy

Punishment can be physically and mentally damaging to your puppy, so it should not be used in training. If your puppy is found going to the bathroom, then be aware that a simple clap will also distract him so you can quickly take him outside to complete the task. If you find him going to the toilet incorrectly and you punish him, then this will only confuse him more. Instead of scolding, think about how to avoid such an accident next time. For example, the next time you are busy eating, perhaps other family members can supervise him more closely.



It's not hard to train your dog to go to the toilet at regular intervals, but it requires patience on the part of the owner! Many owners start to get fed up after a few days of training and wonder why their dog hasn't learned in so long, if it's too stupid! Dogs are not born knowing that they have to go to the dog's toilet, and need the owner's patience to guide them.