Trimming Pet’s Nails Without the Drama

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Trimming Pet’s Nails Without the Drama

We need to trim our pets' nails regularly. Generally speaking, different types of pets have different nail growth rates. But in any case, your pet's nails must be trimmed to keep its feet healthy. The importance of trimming your pet's nails, you will understand after reading this article!


Why trim nails?

If the dog's paws often touch the hard ground during walking, the nails will be worn away and not too long. But now pets stay indoors most of the time, the ground is relatively soft, and the nails are hardly worn, so it is necessary to regularly check the length of the dog's nails and trim the newly grown toenails.
(1) Too long nails will affect the gait of the pet, making it awkward to walk, and even causing pain when the pet dog walks.
(2) The longer the nail is, the easier it is to be broken. The fracture site is often at the base of the nail, where blood vessels and nerves are abundant, causing bleeding and persistent pain. When this happens, the owner should take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible.
(3) Long nails will also scratch people or scratch things.
(4) The nails are too long, they will branch or bend to the soles of the feet, and they will bend into the paw pads and stab the flesh and cause infection.





Generally, pets will be more resistant to cutting their nails, so be prepared before cutting their nails.
1. Prepare pet-specific nail clippers, you can use food to lure and divert their attention.
2. When the pet is young, touch its paws often, so that it can change its awareness of paw protection as soon as possible, and remember to sharpen it after cutting it.
3. If the pet is too resistant, you can try to cut one paw a day, step by step, or take it to a pet store or hospital for treatment.