Why Cats Make Amazing Companions?

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Why Cats Make Amazing Companions?

As companion animals, cats are a source of happiness and a healthy life for people. Why? Firstly, keeping pets can make people live a healthier and more fulfilling life. At the same time, many scholars believe that keeping pets is good for people's hearts and can reduce blood pressure and blood lipids. Research has found that people with heart disease and other similar chronic diseases can keep their blood pressure under control by regulating their mental state and keeping pet owners in a happy mood.


What kind of magic does a cat have that can make people sustenance infinite emotions? For cat lovers, there are too many reasons to fully express how much they love their felines.

Cats are clingy

This phenomenon is similar to the attachment relationship between a baby and its mother. Not only do cats love the food and shelter they receive from their owners, they also rely on them emotionally as children. Studies have shown that when cats are in an unfamiliar environment with their owners, they appear more relaxed as long as their owners are around. But cats often hide in corners when their owners aren't around.

Cats can relieve mental stress

The findings suggest that cats can help relieve negative emotions in their owners. Cats may not make you suddenly feel happy enough to burst into song, but they can lift a down mood.


Touching lowers blood pressure

Owning a cat can cut a person's chances of heart attacks and strokes by at least a third, according to a study by the University of Minnesota. Petting and petting a cat reduces the amount of stress-related hormones in a person's blood, which leads to a lower blood pressure, a lower heart rate and, ultimately, a lower risk of heart disease.


Spending time with cats can improve human communication

As the cat grows older and becomes more independent, it becomes more like talking to a child who is growing up. A researcher in animal psychology has found that the most harmonious relationship between humans and cats is based on humans respecting cats' independence. This may explain why pet ownership improves some people's relationships, experiencing both intimacy and respect, both to stay connected and to respect the other person's wishes.




Keeping cats can make owners industrious

Cats are clean animals, to the beloved cat to create a comfortable, warm living environment, is every owner to do. Regular bathing and grooming is also essential. Daily cleaning is a must after your cat enters the house. The number of times depends on the number of cats kept, their level of activity and the rate of shedding. It is not hard to find that the happiness and happiness cats bring us is far greater than these. Cats began to befriend humans 3,000 years ago. Although cats are not fully domesticated today, they have influenced the lives of millions of people. Keeping a cat does not need too many reasons, just one - that is love, never abandon love.


If you live alone and want a loyal, friendly, warm companion to greet you at the end of the day, then a cat may be ideal for you.