How to Tell a Dog's Age?

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How to Tell a Dog's Age?

Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows that the life span of a dog is very short, maybe ten years or so. In the process of raising a dog, they will develop a deep bond with the dog. I'm sure many people who say goodbye to their dogs are sad. How can you tell the age of a dog and how to make a dog live longer? Let's figure out how to identify the age of a dog.

So how to Tell the age of the dog ?

A dog's age is usually judged based on a combination of appearance, tooth growth, wear and tear, external color change and loss. Of course, the degree of tooth wear in dogs is also related to feeding and rearing management and may not correspond to chronological age.Other changes can also help determine a dog's age. For example, about 1 year old dogs have eyes and are active and active..Between the ages of 2 and 4, dogs like to be close to people, have a lot of energy, react quickly, and move quickly. Dogs over the age of 7 are slow, unwilling to move, and have no eyes. The old dog has thick and light hair, long white jaw, white beard and is prone to cataract, vision loss and hypertrophy of the anterior gland leading to dysuria.

How old can a dog be?

The dog period from birth to infancy to puberty and sexual maturity is very short, lasting several years. Its lifespan varies depending on the environment, sanitary conditions, development and rearing management. The average lifespan of a dog is 10-20 years. For example, a fox terrier has a longer life cycle, up to 20 years, and a boxer dog has a life span of 12-13 years. Generally, by the time a dog is 3-5 years old, his body size is fully developed, his body structure is at a perfect level, and his strength is at its peak. By the age of 7-8, dogs begin to age slowly, seek a quiet environment, sleep more, and prefer to be in the sun in winter. With good hygiene, good feeding, avoiding colds and regular health care, the frailty of the old dog will be greatly reduced.

How can dogs live longer?

If you want to improve your dog's life cycle, you should adjust your feeding style according to your age. No human food should be fed, and no food containing flavoring should be fed to the dog, so that the dog can live longer.
The owner should usually play with the dog, do some appropriate exercise, and often take the dog for a walk, which can promote the dog's bone development. Sunshine can also supplement the calcium content. Not only can it control the good physical condition of the dog, but it can also keep the dog always in a happy state and maintain a comfortable mood. Choosing the right time to have your dog spayed or neutered can extend your dog's life.