Things 90% of people don't know about cats

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Things 90% of people don't know about cats

Many people have cats, but how many secrets do you know about the cat world? Here are some facts you may not have heard before! 

A cat has 230 bones in its body, so it is very flexible and can take any shape it wants.
When a kitten is born, its eyes are blue.


Cats are highly cleanliness patients, do you know? They spend their waking hours licking cats to clean.
Cat jumping ability is amazing, a cat can jump 5 times their height.
The largest wild cat in the world is the Amur tiger.
Cats' voices are very variable, with a total of 100 sounds, while dogs have only 10.


The cat's teeth are only suitable for biting food, biting after the cat will not chew food, so you can often see the cat is directly swallowed cat food, in addition, the cat often needs to grind its teeth, it is best to buy some molar snacks for it.
The domestic cat is the only cat that walks with its tail raised. The feral cat keeps its tail horizontal or tucked down.
Cats can drink seawater, but they can't eat seafood.
The cat drink water is particularly slow, generally licking water 3 or 4 times, just swallow once, lick 100 times, just swallow 25 times.


What other knowledge do you know about cats?