Why Do Dogs Grind Their Teeth ?

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Why Do Dogs Grind Their Teeth ?

Most of the time, owners think that their dogs grind their teeth isa normal physiological phenomenon. In their eyes, dogs grind their teeth as life is boring, but it's not. However, due to a number of diseases or external factors that cause tooth grinding problems, owners should definitely take their dog to the vet.There is a reason why dogs grind their teeth all the time! Let's analyze why dogs grind their teeth and how to do.

Let's analyze why dogs grind their teeth

1.Poor digestion

Dogs with poor digestion can also cause tooth grinding. In order to improve the digestive function of a dog, the owner should start the dog's diet and feed at two o'clock. In the daily care of dog food, owners should pay attention to comprehensive nutrition instead of eating the same food for a long time. If the dog has indigestion, you can feed the dog soft food for two days and then change to the usual food when the dog normally digests. In addition, don't feed your dog before bed. Because it is easy for dogs to accumulate food, which is bad for their health.

2. Teething stage

Many puppies feel uncomfortable when they go through the teething stage. To alleviate this discomfort, they develop the habit of grinding their teeth.Some dogs chew furniture and other objects to grind their teeth. If the dog grinds his teeth because of this condition, the owner can provide the dog with a gnawing toy or a tooth grinding stick.

3. Lose Temper

The dogs might be grinding her teeth when they are anxious. The dog may be anxious because he has not gone for a regular walk or his needs are not being met in other ways. It is up to owners to observe and improve the habits of their dogs.

4. Parasites

If a dog has parasites, they are likely to grind their teeth because the parasites secrete toxins, which stimulate the dog's nervous centers and cause tooth bruising. Since dogs often play outside, owners should regularly deworm their dogs to prevent them from contracting parasites.When the parasites are eliminated, dogs rarely grind their teeth again.

How to do dogs grind teeth?

1. Improve the structure of the dog's diet and analyze whether the food fed to him before is difficult to digest. This can be used to observe the dog's poop. If the dog is indigested, the daily diet can add high-fiber foods. If it is a puppy, it is recommended not to feed too much meat too early.

2. Improve the dog's eating time. Stop feeding or feed less before going to bed.

3. Besides, the owner should love your dog as much as possible. And take your dog for more exercise to strengthen their body.

4. The owner should take the dog to the vet for an examination to see if there are parasites in the dog's stomach and intestines.